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Bookery 開爐!藝術書展1.0

A very small book fair about self-publishing

"Bookery 開爐!" is an arts and cultural project curated by a group of Macau creators. Using the bookfair as the main focus of this project, it aims to discover and explore different forms of interesting works ranging from experimental books, photobooks to picture books, comics, and even community blogs and zines that break the public's imagination of books and bring a fresh reading experience to the audience. Besides the bookfair, Bookery will also host exhibitions, music performances and thematic talks during the event to provide a special and diversified "Art Book Fair".

Ever wondered if books could be as diverse as baking desserts? Whether you prefer a picturebook with a delicate texture like egg pudding, a photobook like a classic brownie, an experimental book like a variety of creative fusion dishes or a handmade zine like a handmade ice-cream, you may actually find them all and have a foretaste at the "Bookery 開爐!" Art Book Fair. To spice it up, we have added special toppings, including exhibitions by artists from overseas, performances by local musicians and themed talks with book authors. Let's light up the “bookery oven” for a fresh reading experience!