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“MAPPING Contemporary Photography Discussion - 2022 Autumn - SAIYIN”

MAPPING is a project initiated by the Dialect Macau. It aims to create an atmosphere for discussion on contemporary photography in Macau and to give creators a platform to showcase their work. MAPPING is based on a seasonal basis, where the artist and the viewers actively share and discuss in tandem to compose a unique map for the artist's work , offering an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a journey through the vast ocean of contemporary art.

Venue: Pin-to Livros & Musica

Established in 2003, Pin-to Livros & Musica specialises in books and vinyl records on art and humanities. Pinto organises regular talks, exhibitions, screenings as well as concerts from time to time.


Rusty Fox

Date & Time

  • Nov 5 (Sat)


Pin-to Livros & Musica Rua de Coelho do Amaral no.47, Macau


“Stories of Foreign Publishers — Bits and Pieces by Yolanda Kog and Cosmo Wong”

Guest: Yolanda Kog

Yolanda Kog is an artist, illustrator and art instructor. She is also a member of the Macao Illustrators Association.

She has held 6 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 40 group exhibitions. She has published and participated in both picture books and magazines, and has received multiple awards for her illustrations from home and abroad. Her works have been collected by private collectors.

Beside her own art, Yolanda has worked with various art societies, schools as well as commercial brands.

Guest: Cosmo Wong

Cosmo, Mei Teng Wong, was born and raised in Macau, and graduated with a master's degree in contemporary art practice from Royal College of Art in London. She had sojourns of different cities in Taiwan, France and China.

Interrelated in different systems is her general background, her practice-based research focus on the relationship between non-human beings and society, nature and civilization, ecology and system. She uses her own identity, history and geographical background as materials, to collage with the increasingly similar world conditions in the current high-speed decomposition.

Her works in multi-disciplinary and test out the intersections of moving image, photography, painting, text, found objects, and ceramics to develop into installation works or anything based on concepts and research. Recently, her practices are mainly based on moving images and installation to construct the the language of contemporary narrative with a corresponding logic in the system and the state of human.

Host: Mon

Mon had established her career as (what she describes herself) an negligible editor when she entered the world of publishing by chance. She writes short essays from time to time and is ready for her publication of first essays...

Venue: iat iat

a café filled with the scent of butter and custard, enjoys music and living in the moment.



Date & Time

  • Nov 19 (Sat)
    19:30 — 21:00


逸日 iat iat No. 23, Rua do Pagode