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Exhibition is where?!

(Exhibition there!)

12 emerging artists from The Hong Kong Photobook Award of The Hong Kong Photobook Festival have been showcasing their works in worldwide touring exhibitions, with Macau being their final stop. Organised by the Hong Kong Photobook Festival team - Lumenvisum, this photobook touring exhibition hopes the readers will have the opportunity to understand the styles, characteristics, and creative ideas of photobooks by different art creators from Hong Kong, and through this worldwide exhibition, everyone can share their ideas about the creation of photobooks.

Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award

As one of the highlights of Hong Kong Photobook Festival, Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award aims to support emerging artists and provide the opportunities to showcase their works in the international festivals.

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My Eyes Longs for Travel – A Deep Travel into the Malaysian Publications

A great collection of Malaysian publications has arrived in Macau! Genres include architecture/ film/ travel/ life and more, with a comprehensive showcase of regional publications you might have never known. Get a deeper understanding through reading, take an in-depth eye tour in the exhibition, and experience a different Malaysia.

Date & Time

  • Nov 11 - Dec 12
    (Off on every Monday)


Pin-to Livros & Musica Rua de Coelho do Amaral no.47, Macau