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By (Hong Kong)

L55cm x W40cm x Thk2.5cm


The flight for Hong Kong's freedom has blossomed in the past year. Facing crackdown, the protest movement could do little to flight back but dug out bricks and set roadblocks – whatever they could get their hands on. After the clashes, Lennon walls around Hong Kong have been painted over, though telltale signs remain as testament to the voices of dissent. On sidewalks, concrete filled holes and cracks spoke to the determination of our freedom fighters, whose sacrifice we will not soon forget. This series of works crystallise the spirit and stories of our youthful protestors. Through capturing the indelible mark of their ‘gazes’ upon our home city, it is a record of resistance – a resistance built upon ideals, hopes and love.

Artist Bio.

MC (b. 1980) in Hong Kong, uses photography as a medium for investigating the relationship between people, the man altered landscape and photographic language. He was awarded a fellowship to complete his Master's degree in Arts at the University of the Arts London (London College of Communication) and holds a BA from RMIT University, with a concentration in photography. He came to international attention with his "elite" series, which he presented at the Pingyao International Photography Festival and Donggang International Photo Festival in 2013 and 2019 respectively. MC developed the photography course for the Hong Kong Design Institute and is currently a part-time lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Open University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Design Institute. His photographic work has been exhibited in Hong Kong and internationally and has been shortlisted for other major awards, including WYNG Masters Award, Hasselblad Masters Award and the Three Shadows Photography Award. In 2020, MC won the "Bergonzo First Floor Paris Prize" in KG+SELECT KYOTOGRAPHIE Festival. His works are in both private and museum collections.

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