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Photo Entanglement

By (Hong Kong)

L5.3cm x W4.4cm x Thk1.3cm


This fotobook works as a pair to instantaneously know what your other unique half is at any distances. One of the most fundamental rules of physics, undisputed since Einstein first laid out in 1905, is that no information-carrying signal of any type can travel through the Universe faster than the speed of light. In quantum mechanics, the quantum entanglement occurs “when two particles are inextricably linked together no matter theirs separation from one another. Although these entangled particles are not physically connected, they still are able to share information with each other instantaneously – seemingly breaking one of the most hard-and -fast rules of physics: that no information can be transmitted faster than the speed of light.” reveal By adapting the concept, Shek Ji has started this Photo Entanglement idea as an experiment to see if the information of the photo can be transmitted faster than the speed of light. Inside the PHOTO ENTANGLEMENT gashapon, there is a miniature photobook and a unique half photo sealed with silver blind package. The miniature photobook works as a cryptographic atlas, it is for the observer to and out which page of the unique half photo is on and what the other half of the observer’s unique half photo looks like.Each unique half photo is divided left and right or up and down from the 36 photos inside the P.E. photobook, and it is colorised in 7 different sets : R,G,B,C,M,Y,K. When the observer open the silver blind package, the unique half photo is unveiled, this action also determine its other unique half photo instantaneously. For instance, when the unique half photo is observed from the silver blind package which is the photo from page 7 in Red color on the right-hand side, its other unique half photo in pair is determined and must be the photo from page 6 in Red color on the left-hand side… etc.

Artist Bio.

SHEK JI is a photographer focusing on snapshot photography, he likes fishing the photos in and out of the physical world.

Book cover of Photo Entanglement
Photo Entanglement