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The Dayspring of Eternity

By (Hong Kong)

L27cm x W15.5cm x Thk0.8cm


Third Prize

May the dreamy nightfall stay forever

Is there ever Eternity? For those who live long enough one would understand Eternity is simply something to wish for. How impermanent is our safety, and so are our relationships, happiness, contracts, wealth, measures, scenery, houses and jobs...As we say, all things must come to an end. Eternity is just too far to reach. If ever Eternity exists in a life so transient, it may be found only in the transcendental realm of religion. In recent years, Hong Kong was iron- stated in dismantling historical buildings. No matter how precious the collective memories are, how unique the architectural designs are, or how convincing the heritage assessments are, nothing could stop the property developers and the government in carrying out their development plans. The district of North Point, Hong Kong, during the 40s and 50s saw the settling of the Shanghaies and Fujianese who brought with them their wealth, lifestyles and cultural visions, turning North Point into a vibrant neighbourhood.

Artist Bio.

Lau graduated from The Surry Institute of Art & Design University College (BFA on Interior Design) in 1999. He spent more than a decade working in television commercial industry as an art director before becoming a full time artist. Lau started out on short films and eventually focuses on photography for over a decade. His work has been exhibited in various countries, including Festival De la Luz of Buenos Aires Argentina, Liverpool International Photography Festival, Hong Kong International Photo Festival, Singapore International Photography Festival, Angkor Photo Festival, Jimei × Arles International Photo Festival, Melbourne Chinese Museum and being collected by museums and private collectors. His photography series “Landscaped Artifacts” (2013) has gained him the New Photography Artist of the year from Lianzhoufoto Festival 2013.

Book cover of The Dayspring of Eternity
The Dayspring of Eternity